Monday, October 15, 2012

Philadelphia Calligraphy Society

Everyone today wants to be able to make beautiful hand done type and calligraphy. However, when most of these people attempt to do so without any training the result is pathetically ugly. Learning how to do good Calligraphy takes lots and lots of time training and the help from professionals.  I am here to tell you about a local association called the Philadelphia Calligraphy Society. This is a local group that holds events, and workshops right in Philadelphia. It is relatively cheap to join the club (especially with the student discount) and once a member you are able to go to any of the two classes a month that they hold. One is on Italic Calligraphy and the other is on Gothic. The classes are a lengthy four hours long giving plenty of time for the instructor to help you out and guide you. PCS also hosts events and public speakers which can be found on their website (link below). 

If you are interested in taking one of the classes or just looking around at the artwork of its members you can find it here

These are a few pieces of work that members of PCS have made!

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