Thursday, October 25, 2012

Sketching is only the beginning.

  When it comes time to start a new project with type, I always try to think about the advice of my teachers, saying to think about what audience you are trying to communicate with, what contrasting fonts would help the piece, and to think about what time period the font is from and what it reflects. As students at Tyler, we are exposed to dozens of fonts whether they are older, or even just developing, but I always wondered what makes a certain typeface reflect the time period in which it was created, and how were they created. Well, like everything we do at art school, it starts with an idea, and sketches upon more sketches to determine a direction in which to go.
  Steven Heller, a well-known art director, and writer who specializes in topics of graphic design, recently released a book showing the process of designers who are creating fonts or who have created fonts that we use in our own studios. It is called Typography Sketchbooks.

Looking through this book provides incredible inspiration for what one can actually do with type. Some of these photos of the sketchbooks are mind blowing, showing a craft that takes discipline and practice to perfect.

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