Thursday, October 18, 2012

Moving Type

So this week I decided to post a second blog on animated typography, focusing on there videos. both videos are by french designer Thibault de Fournas. The first video is a history of Futura, from its creation, to the construction of the font, and towards some of its real world applications. the most exciting part about the video is that the whole video is composed of animated Futura type and uses the full family to create motion and mood through the video.

FUTURA LE SPECIMEN ANIME from Thibault de Fournas on Vimeo.
The second video, Karloff, convergence of beauty and ugliness,Karloff connects the high contrast Modern type of Bodoni and Didot with the monstrous Italians. The difference between the attractive and repulsive forms lies in a single design parameter, the contrast between the thick and the thin.
you can see more of Thibault work at

Karloff, convergence of beauty and ugliness from Thibault de Fournas on Vimeo.

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