Tuesday, October 16, 2012

New Typographic Dimention

Dominique Falla is a very unique typographic artist. She uses items with a dimension to bring typography to life. These materials include buttons, chalkboard, chalk, gum paste, matchsticks, mixed media, paper, pasta, piercing, pins, plastic beads, ribbons, sewing, and string. Using these tactile materials to illustrate words gives her work an edge over even the best of typographers.

This piece was created for Strutten’s Square One exhibition and made with string and nails. The many strings give the piece a texture that could otherwise not be achieved. The edges of the letters remain just as fluid as always. 

Here is a detail shot of the piece showing all of its intricacies. 

Another incredible example of her talent is a particular piece she made out of pasta.

I thought the string one must have taken a while but the time this piece took must blow that out of the water. This is entitled Postcards from Rome: Pasta. The pasta was gathered, sorted, cut, laid out, and placed down very carefully. I didn't think these pasta shapes were conducive to shaping typography let alone a script style one. Again I am in awe of how the edges of the type remain just as slick as they could ever be. 

Here is a detail shot of her in the development process.

Her work seems to be a series of exercises in patience. She pushes the boundaries with material and precision. From her web page you get a huge sense of her body of work as well as what kind of a person she is. Take a look Dominique Falla. You won't leave unimpressed.

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