Sunday, October 14, 2012

Type && Packaging!

The Dieline

Since all of us are thinking a lot about packaging with the restaurant project, I found this great site that successfully integrates type on packaging designs! The Dieline is a website and blog that was established by Andrew Gibbs.  It is now one of the most visited package design blogs in the world. It's dedicated to reviewing, critiquing, and promoting the best examples of packaging design. The Dieline has created a book in 2010 titled "Box, Bottle Bag", which became the #1 selling and highest rated package design on Amazon! I found this website very helpful when designing my packaging for the restaurant, it helped a lot with the hierarchy of type. It's good to look at a lot of different ways the type was applied to each package.  In a lot of these examples the type seems like a main focus of the design.  They used very interesting ways of carving to apply the type like in the wine bottle example.  Also, I like the way they stylized the type on each product.  For example, the tea bar example applied a rough texture to go within the type, which is very fitting to the design on the packaging. Hope this helps!

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