Saturday, October 20, 2012

Wearable Type

On many of my Pinterest binges, I have stumbled upon jewelry made out of or involving type! I think it is a neat idea and a different way of using letterforms in fashion other than wearing your initial on a chain around your neck or stitched into a sweater. It is new and modern and there seems to be a pretty big audience for it. I really like the idea of taking these letter forms that we are all so conscious and aware of from day to day, taking them out of their regular environment and abstracting them to the point where they become their own shape or pattern. This has been done, of course, on paper and screen, but I think it is such a fun way to bring this idea into real life and gives people an opportunity to express their love for type and gives a new spin on the statement accessory! These were some of the ones that I thought were most successful that i happened to come across:

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