Thursday, October 11, 2012

Forget the Film!

While searching for inspiration for my blog post I started thinking about all the different ways that typography is used for real world applications. I came across a post on pintrest that lead me to a website called  It is a website completely devoted to showing the opening credits and closing credits to films, TV shows, live events and anything else that has awesome animated type integrated with it! The sites description makes an excellent statement about the first 2 minutes when the opening credits start and the lights go down that is when the viewer is transported into the world of the film and that the job of the title designers.

One set of opening credits that I found particularly interesting were the ones for a movie that came out this year called Magic Trip. The job of the opening credits is to set the scene and the mood of the film. I thought that this one did a really good job. The film was set in the 1960’s and the cinematography and I think the typography are used together in such a cohesive way it sets the mood perfectly for this film. You can find the video here! After reading the article from this video I read about the designer Karin Fong and the other kind of work that she does. On the site I found 7 other movies that she did the credits for. Another that really stuck out to me was one called dead man on campus. She fit the all of the credits in with the images, at first I was not expecting to see that but it was a nice surprise. It really set the scene for the movie. 

I checked out her AIGA profile and she has done mostly title design work for many different genres of movies! From Disney’s 102 Dalmatians to a Discovery documentary called Breaking Point. These different movies are completely different styles but for each one she does a fantastic job of setting the mood of the film.