Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Hammered Brits

This image is a square formatted poster by British designer Jonathan Cleave. It's a reactionary peace to Jon's childhood abroad, and how he find's many people of other nationalities view the British as a whole. Jon says it's "either Tea drinking, crumpet eating and posh’, or ‘drunk, live for the weekend binging, fighting etc.’.

Jon uses a handful effective techniques to get his point across. A consistancy in easily read sans serif fonts, strong usage of tacking, kerning, and leading techniques, a central composition, and strong graphic colors (white and red) on a black background to make the main logo pop. He uses a tainted yellow to remind the viewer of the color of liqour, as well as a blurred effect to, again, reflect the repetition of the words' meanings(s).

"My aim was to typographically express this aspect by coming up with the slogan ‘BINGE BRITAIN, IT’S IN OUR BLOOD’, which has two meanings to it."

I like this graphic in that is a clean graphic, but an effective one. It has a subtlety when in it's blurred effect. The closer you get, the more blur you may see in the background. All around, I think it's a well made, simple, and effective poster. It gets it's point across quickly and with movement created by the bold or non-bold type faces.

Jon's Blog can be found at http://joncleavegrafix.wordpress.com/

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