Saturday, September 4, 2010

Type that makes you go mmmm...

Stumbled upon the work of designer/typographer Alex Varanese over the past week. You can check out his portfolio site HERE, or skip the foreplay and check out some typographical candy HERE and HERE.

Alex is currently residing in the great state of California in San Fransicso. Some of his clients include Nike, Publicis / Chevrolet, Fortune, Playboy, Surface Magazine, Advanced Photoshop Magazine, CBS, Sapient-Nitro / Drambuie, Rowohlt, and Verlag / Jack Kerouac.

Alex really excites me as not only a graphic designer and the arrangement of his pieces as a whole, but even more so in the way he treats type. Alex has a knack for putting type in its environment, and many times vice vs. He treats the piece as a whole. Nothing ever seems forced, and by doing so creates the allusion many times that the type is a structure, or any other object depending on the subject.

His style is unique. What I think is more important to note. His Orange overtones and perfect usage of texture have become his signature. Without a doubt by looking at one of his pieces the viewer should and can identify it to be his. Its important as designers not to so much be a one trick pony but have an identity for ourselves.

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