Sunday, September 26, 2010

The image above is a piece done by Gina Triplett for the Last Drop Coffee House. Gina is a graduate of MICA and currently loving in philadelphia designing with her husband Matt Curtius. She also does her own solo work. This piece was a solo piece. I like Gina's work because she really likes hand done artsy type. The reason I picked this image from her work to show is because she's using set type but found a way to really make it her style, looking and feeling hand done. The piece below is demonstrating the kind of type she usually draws.
Her way of drawing type is very organic even when she's not doing a piece o the earth. I really like how concise this piece looks, how well all of her letter forms work together and feel very related.
The image above is another heavily typographic piece of work by Gina. She is a really amazing illustrator and definitely brings that power and skill to her use with typography.
Check her work out as well as her work with Matt:

Another Designer whose type I have always loved is Andrea Pippins graduate of Tyler School of Art. Winner of the campaign to Sustain poster competition:
I really like the way that she mixes all kinds of hand done type treatments to create a beautiful texture.

When I think of Andrea's work I always picture this piece. She did a whole serious like this for a whole campaign that she stared. You can by t-shirts on I love the way that the type blends to form the image but is also very clear, legible and readable. The swirls that make the hair seem like perfect glyph to this "font." It all fits together very well.
I also wanted to show this piece because it demonstrates how she really made her hand done type and set type work well together. She uses a soft round typeface to mimc her hand done type.
You can check her out at

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