Thursday, September 30, 2010

Random Type That I Like.

The first type examples I want to talk about are the Ork Posters. These can be found at . Ork Posters started out as a personal project by Jenny Beorkrem. Jenny hung her first print (Chicago) in her living room and after some time she realized she was onto something, and expanded her series and is now selling prints online. The prints appeal to me because I like the way the type is squished and forced into the neighborhoods and the posters are personal if you are buying one from the city you live in or are from.

The second interesting piece of type was sent to me by a friend a few weeks ago. It's Cee Lo's new music video for the song "!@#$ You". I really enjoy the simplicity. I think it is pretty amazing how interesting the video is when the only thing that changes is the background color. The video just shows how type can stand alone for a project.

The third interesting typographic discovery I made was that of artist A.J. Purdy and Luke Ramsey. The two paired up to create a font called "Hypertype". I could only find one image of the full alphabet - - What caught my eye about this type face was the amount of detail in each letter and after visiting Purdy's website I thought it was extremely interesting how he could bring across his illustration style through the font.

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