Monday, September 13, 2010

Move Your Body

As graphic design majors, I'm sure all of you have experienced the ever so delightful sensation of having sat in front of the dear old computer screen for hours on end. Stiffness and the urgent need to do something physical usually follows. So when I found this little typeface, Letterform for the Ephemeral by Amandine Alessandra, on the Behance Network during my daily procrastination, I was delighted. Imagine something as non-physical as a typeface being made with a persons entire body. The simplicity of movement that create something that can be so complicated as a typeface. Granted this typeface wouldn't be practical for most forms of graphic design but who said that it had to be? The Village People were on to something, all though I believe the dancers in the Boyer College of Music and Dance could do it better justice. In the mean time, Y-M-C-A.

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