Monday, September 6, 2010

These last 9 images have been of particular interest to me. Starting with the Lennon poster... I found the message to be very straightforward with very clear message of which type was meant to be primary / secondary. The duotone image balances well with the rest of the objects. The next two are woodblock and print for a lucha libre poster. I like to see design that is old fashioned or going back to it's roots before the days of computers. The processes of silkscreen and woodblock and the production of multiples in this way has much more of an authentic feel than an epson printout. The next photo is of a group of cigar labels. I have been intrigued by these small pieces of paper in that they have to capture the essence of the cigar and its country of production, whether it be nicaragua or the Dominican or wherever. Next.. we've all seen the coffee stained circle but i hadnt seen the whole word spelled out. The next photo is a piece by Vik Muniz. There is obviously no type here but i love his use of material and its reference to the original material, being water vapor forming a cloud. This idea would be a great way to integrate type into a physical environment to further reinforce a concept. Sagmeister has some work along these same lines. The next poster is a really great example of ornamentation and how type from different eras can work together. I find interesting the eye that dots the I and the different styles of rules that break of the blocks of type. It all being one color allows the viewer to solely focus on the letterforms themselves without other distractions. The second to last image is an example of using type with shape and color to form an object. It is a good way to reference something without coming out and saying it. In this case, it seems that somebody isn't happy about meat in burgers. The last photo is one that i had taken in Costa Rica. I am not as attracted to this american icon as much as I am attracted to how the type has become physically distressed by nature and how the logo itself seems to be despised and ignored by those who pass by.

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