Friday, September 10, 2010

Jessica Hische

We all know her, we all love her, and I'm sure everyone that joined this blog visits her website everyday. But I'm going to post it anyway, because she is amazing.

I found this enjoyable quote from J.H. when asked why she chose to be a designer. I feel like most of us can relate as well.
I didn't know what graphic design was until I went to college. I took some classes in it and loved it, but wasn't really sure if I loved it more than every other class (Glass-blowing is fun! Sculpture is fun! Painting is fun!). I went to school thinking I would be a painter. In the end, I was procrastinating from my painting/sculpture/everything-else work by doing graphic design. I think a good way to figure out your passions are to look at what you do when you're procrastinating from everything else. I found out too that I didn't really take myself seriously enough to be a fine artist. I didn't like working in an extremely self-expressive way. I liked how in design you were solving problems, that there were rules to follow, that the point was for people to GET what you were trying to communicate (unlike in fine art, where if people get it right away, you're probably doing something wrong). "
If you visit her website, there is a plethora of images of her typography, illustration, design, and even a personal blog. To wrap things up, here is a video!

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  1. Thanks Hallie! Make sure you all have it marked on your calendars Jess will be at Tyler on October 27th at 1pm.