Thursday, September 23, 2010

I Love Dust's Greyhound Ad Campaign

I’m always astonished when a designer can take a wide range of typefaces and somehow make them all go together. We’ve all seen those 19th Century wood-type posters. I Love Dust, a design firm in England, amazed me with their illustrated advertisements for Greyhound Buses. Not only did they manage to marry so many different typefaces, they did so with a wide range of imagery as well. While most of the illustrations are related to traveling along a highway, what is more remarkable is the fact that some of the images used (a foam finger, a couch, and diner signs to name a few) do not exactly pertain to Greyhound buses.

It is clear that the posters are so successful because I Love Dust created a sort of pattern to follow in each design. They knew exactly where and how to place the type as well as the illustrations. Furthermore, smart use of color and consistent illustration style allows for such fluidity in their design as well. They intelligently applied similar shades of blue in different ways throughout the series, and all the illustrations have a similar look and feel. Their technique might be simple, but it clearly makes for a stunning series of advertisements.

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