Thursday, September 23, 2010

The Ping Pong Project

For all those type lovers, I just came across an interesting project from 2003/04 called "Ping Pong" by Valentin Hindermann's Elektrosmog in collaboration with fashion designer, Andrea Roca and textile designer, Franziska Born, photographed by Isabel Truniger. The idea behind the project was to "investigate the interface between fashion and visual design," by creating letterforms with clothing, accenting the look of "Zurich trendies." I wasn't able to find too much more information on the project but Elektrosmog is a design studio based in Switzerland. In a book called Benzin, Hindermann, one half of Elektrosmog, is quoted as saying "You have to drag yourself away from looking at the computer screen compulsively. There's a world beyond the computer screen." Projects like "Ping Pong" are exciting for the studio because it goes against the current standard of graphic design.

Recognize the name of this typeface?

Here are some photos from the same project:

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