Wednesday, November 20, 2013

collaboration is awesomeememe

So, it's pretty amazing of course to see incredible work from one person, but don't forget about how important it can be to collaborate. One person who has incredible talent meets another person with a different, but equally incredible, talent and you get something entirely new and fantastic. Rome wasn't built in a day, nor was it built by just one person. It's easy to hole up and do your own thing, especially when we're here to focus on ourselves and our looming portfolios, but keeping your mind open to everyone around you (regardless of major!) is important to help you develop as an artist and as a human being. And you know! It's okay if it doesn't look totally perfect, or totally finished, or totally anything! Some of the most valuable lessons to be learned are through experimentation and collaboration. I think sometimes there is such a focus on cranking out a ton of work that it's easy to forget about learning. We have a ton of crazy resources to pull from, but the most valuable resource we have is ... each other. (As cheesy as that may sound!) 

So anyway! Here are some examples of collaborative efforts in the world of typography! Even if you don't like all of them, who knows, maybe it'll help spark an idea anyway!

A project between two brothers -- one is a designer, the other is a "car guy"

These are between a designer and a photographer

Illustrators / designers

"Submit Your Own" blogs 

Two designers 

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