Friday, November 15, 2013

Typography through Screen Printing

This semester I chose to take a screen printing class, and it turns out to be one of the best classes I've taken thus far. It's such a nice change of pace from all the computer work I've been doing every day, and it shows so much more of the process behind making and using type further than what I've experienced on the computer.

 With screen printing, you can still do most, if not all of what you can do on the computer, but it can be done with a much more tactile quality than your Mac will give you (no offense). When you print a physical print, the colors blend so perfectly, and you can see the actual process taking place before your eyes. If you mess up, you see it. No going back, unless you want to start over. No Cmd+Z.

 One of the best things about using type in the screen printing process is that you can layer, add opacities, dot screens, and so much more to make it a unique piece of art. Type can be informative, as in a poster, or simply decorative as in the first image above. The possibilities are endless.

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