Thursday, November 14, 2013

Typography for Criminal Organizations - Jessica Solitrin

I came across this super interesting article this morning entitled Typography for Criminal Organizations. The article is really short and reads:

the neweist weapon of criminal syndicates? Typography. William Slocombe and Sam Brogan, students at the London College of Communication, have created a font especially for use by clandestine criminal organizations like the mafia, one that could sneak by unnoticed when spray-painted on buildings but easily translated  by members on the know with a smartphone.
“We wanted to create an app for the iPhone in which the criminal could hold up the negative type picture and could overlap it with a legible message on the screen,” Slocombe explains on his site. The result? As Complex Magazine puts it, “cryptograms of the highest caliber.”
Head over to their website for a glimpse at what secret codes could look when robots rule the post-apocalyptic wasteland of earth.  

Type is getting very, very sneaky.

Sam Brogan's website shows more of these examples.

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