Thursday, November 7, 2013

Lynes & Co THE sign painter extraordinare

Sign painting has been forcing it's way into my life every since we started our type catalog. I was not about sign painting, it was cool and impressive but i knew nothing about the medium. Sign painting was everywhere in Philly and I figured eh, I could do that is simply painted on there. Then I began researching, and researching. It hit me, this was an entire world of design I had totally missed.

The type of treatment and effort it takes to create signs like gold leaf, reverse on mirrors, recreating aged wall textures from scratch, and multiple layers of color backwards on a storefront piece of glass is no joke.

Sign painting is a style and craft in itself. These people are artists, painters and designers; typographic masters! 

In search of THE sign painting extraordinare I stumbled across this man. Will Lynes, the Michelangelo of our era in the sign painting world. Sydney, Australia has brought us this man and has single handedly established my desire and utmost respect for hand painted signs.

You would be cutting yourself short of incredible inspiration if you did not check out this website...  His blog shows in progress photos that really show how intense it is to make a living from sign painting and the endless possibilities that exist.

If this doesn't make you want to get up and design some type posters or paint some wall, then somethings wrong...... 

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