Friday, November 8, 2013

Sanborn Map Company

When we were at the library last week, I was fascinated by the typography used on the top of the ward maps we started looking before we left. I've always been fascinated at how people can create these hand done type treatments and while the ones I see today are incredible, I have a much deeper appreciation for the oldies. Especially when it comes to the Sanborn Map Company type treatments.
Everything moves a lot faster today than it used to, and I guess that's why I love looking at the older stuff. These treatments for the different maps are not only intriquite, but they create a sort of personality that defines the city the map is made for.
I think someone used this picture in another blog (not really sure) but JUST LOOK AT IT! I can't even guess how long it would have taken someone to come up with this. There's so much attention to detail, I'm really not sure if this is real or not. Each one is so beautiful and unique, they're all works of art on their own. Here are a few more examples.

Each map is somewhat similar to the next, but like I said before, each one has its own identity. Since everyone has a smartphone or gps now, maps have become pretty outdated. It's pretty sad, considering that these treatments pretty much sell themselves (I'd probably end up buying several regardless of the city). Even though these are for insurance companies, they still feel so much more professional. 
I know I would never be able to make anything close to what these look like, but I definitely plan on giving it a shot, and I think you should too!

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