Thursday, November 7, 2013

Literal HANDmade type!

I first stumbled upon this website on my epic search for some new and exciting information about type. I think it combines both abstract and practical ways to use type. It includes everything from stabbing knives in to a wall and cutting out individual characters to literally creating handmade type my painting on actual hands. The detail shots that follow each of the main photos provide better understanding of how the type was actually created. For example, you could not tell how the “Life is Beautiful” was created unless you got closer or looked at it from the side. Some artists like to make their processes a mystery but I always enjoy when they let the viewer know how the type was created, it as a certain charm and better understanding of the work.

I found two specific artists I was interested in from the past website. The first is Farhad Moshiri an Iranian artist who created the “Life is Beautiful” type made with knives. He works in a variety of mediums not all having to do with type. His other notable piece is the words “Run like Hell” spelled out on a wall. Just by looking at the piece it is difficult to tell exactly what it is created from. But after closer examination it looks to be some sort of icing or something but it actually acrylic paint. Moshiri seems to be interested in unique process and materials when creating his type pieces.

The other artist I found is Tien-Min Liao, a New York based designer. Once again she works not always just with type but her typography work is quite impressive. Her most unique work is “Handmade” type, which is literally created by painting on hands. It shows the transition between the uppercase letter to lowercase by changing the gesture of the hands. This is an especially creative approach to handmade type. Liao also experiments with highlighting the beauty of already created typefaces as well as finding her own in nature. Looking at already existing typefaces is a great way to find inspiration to make your own.

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