Thursday, November 7, 2013

Paper quilling typography

In my hunt to find some typographic inspiration, I stumbled across Russian artist Yulia Brodskaya. Her specialty is working with paper, specifically using a technique called quilling, to create beautiful works of art. In addition to type, she even does elaborate illustrations with this technique. Her clients have included major brands such as Nieman Marcus, Starbucks, Cadbury, Godiva, Nokia, and more.

You may not have known there was name for it, but if you took an arts and craft type class in elementary school, you probably have done paper quilling at some point in your childhood. Quilling is the technique where you roll thin strips of paper around an object to create a coil, and then glue those coils down on a flat surface to create 3-dimensional art. What struck me most about Brodskaya's work is that she took this little trick that I associate with making mother's day cards in art class in the third grade and took it to a whole new level.

Here are two videos explaining her process:

To see more of her art, here is her website:

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