Saturday, November 2, 2013

Most Popular

As designers I think some of us have found fonts that we like to use for multiple occasions. I know I generally don't make it through a project without at least trying out Futura. It's a favourite that seems to transform easily into whatever I'm doing. This made me think of the popular fonts that get called on to get the job done. According to an article by that investigated this idea further, here are the top 3:

Coming in at number one, Helvetica.
I'm imagining your face looking similar to someone walking in on a surprise party they already knew about. Yes, Helvetica, the golden child of fonts. Can it do no wrong? As of now- it looks like it's working.

Second best, Frutiger

There there, Frutiger, not everyone can be Helvetica. But you have to admit, these are pretty impressive clients.

And in Third, Myriad Pro

Speaking of impressive clients...

Honorable mentions include:


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