Thursday, November 14, 2013

Your Daily Dose O' Type

As students in the field of design, I think there are days where we wake up, eat some leftover popcorn for breakfast, watch some Netflix and go back to sleep, and on these days, the last thing we want to ponder is the idea of design. At least I know I have these days. With fears of burning out and losing focus, I am reminded by successful designers that the way to keep the passion afloat, the one that's always underneath the surface, is by doing things for you and only you.

I think a great way of doing this are these daily (or frequent) design challenges that designers are giving themselves. The sense of accomplishment after one is complete must be refreshing, while seeing the entire set as a whole when completed must be an unmatched feeling. Here are some type challenges I found to be nice.

This one above is a little sad, because it appears the designer has given up not even a full 2 months into it. But the idea is still a good one and I like the set anyways.

I really enjoyed Daily Dishonesty because you can tell Lauren is having a blast making them for herself; it has also been well received by the rest of the design world. The lady is also making moolah off of it via Society6, so what started an entire year ago has brought her major success.

All of us at one point have questioned why we are just not Jess Hische. Like, why am I not Jess Hische? Why am I not her. She's just so great.
Here's her daily drop cap project.

Here's my favorite! This wonderful project created by the duo of Sabrina Smelko and Shawn Lovering is on it's 319th day of making a custom type for that day. Proud of their dedication to the project, and each one is pretty impressive.

I've been thinking about starting a similar project after looking at these! Maybe for 2014, maybe just for winter break. Th idea of making each day productive towards a larger goal is appealing, and the process would result in a lot of learning along the way.

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