Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Impressive Typographic Portraits

Chances are, you have seen a portrait created out of typography at some point in your life. Personally, I did a typographic portrait project in a high school graphics class. The ones we did were something like the basic ones below, using (usually) black type to create a flat image by outlining key features of the person/image.

While these basic ones are impressive on their own and do take some time and skill, I came across some more impressive ones. Many of these use varying shades of gray to show depth, or do so by altering and warping the type. The 3D quality of some of the following portraits are really cool and inspiring.

In the midst of finding these, I came across some typographic portraits that use color in the same way, to create a dimensional image. Some of these are really impressive.


Then I found a couple that aren't actually people, and these may be some of my favorites that I have come across.

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